Develop your business at international level
The ground experiences we have


Automotive : metal parts, plastic parts, tooling, engineering, foundry, machining, coating, raw materials, tires, glasses,…

We have many experiences in technical fields. For examples :




Metal, plastic, ceramic parts

  • Casting
  • Forging
  • Machining
  • Stamping
  • Injection
  • Cutting
  • Surface treatment
  • Painting


  • Electrical
  • Electronic


Subassembly of parts

  • Intermediate products
  • semi-finished products


Complete sets of parts

  • sold to public
  • sold to professionals



  • Casting
  • Production equipment
  • Test equipment



  • Raw material
  • Chemical products
  • Consumables


Retail : do it yourself products, hand tooling…

We have experiences in retail and distribution fields. For examples :



  • Product listing system and purchasing power
  • Supplier approval process
  • Increasing the discount for the approved suppliers
  • New organization for improving supplier listing process
  • Improving the number of listed suppliers
  • Fee paid by suppliers to supply new products in the stores
  • Listing fees, and other allowances
  • Business show case for awarding the best listed suppliers
  • Trading rules with suppliers
  • Legal wording of the commitments in the agreements
  • Revamping of the supplier negotiation process
  • The listed brands in the “do it yourself” sector
  • Purchasing strategy


Maritime : oil, civil nuclear : tubes, welding, shipping maintenance,

We have experiences in maritime and petrochemical fields. For examples :



  • Challenging the operational needs
  • Defining the specification of the needs
  • Globalization process with small quantities
  • Purchasing negotiation process for maritime and petrochemical plant
  • Outsourcing project for petrochemical plant
  • Signing master contracts with key suppliers
  • Increasing the purchasing coverage of the master contracts
  • Productivity plan in a petrochemical plant
  • Implementation of contract at fixed agreed price for petrochemical plant
  • Contract with price schedules for petrochemical plant
  • Bidding and tendering process (CCTG – CCTP…) for petrochemical plant
  • Workload planning chart of the maintenance chemical plant
  • Purchasing the maintenance parts and supplies for offshore oil shipping


Information & technology : third party maintenance, offshore web and mobile development…

We have experiences in Information Technology and Information System fields. For examples :



  • Offshore and nearshore resources management
  • Complex negotiations until contract signature with SAP, ORACLE,
  • Tendering process / E-sourcing tools / Project management
  • Many projects : Build / Run / Roll out / Support / Hosting / Outsourcing
  • Typical project management experiences, at international level :
  • Datacenter transfer management
  • Learning Management System choice and implementation
  • Third party maintenance with offshoring
  • Telecom contract signature for Europe and rest of the world
  • WAN deployment in 30 countries
  • SaaS application development with international deployment (big bang)
  • Transportation Management software with implementation within 100 countries
  • Sensitive upgrade management : SAP v4.6C  SAP ECC 6.0
  • Mobile application development (IOS, Android) in India
  • Rationalization of the mobile telephone fleet in America, in Europe and in Asia
  • International contract negotiation for laptops, screens, personal computers…
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